In Wacky Reality Races, winning isn't everything. Try to come first but make sure you entertain the public by using boosts, missiles and traps to give you the advantage. You are aiming to get as many of the public's votes as you can, Using items and causing mischief can help you win.

Click and hold to accelerate, your car rotates to follow your mouse. Press space to use an item from the mystery boxes.

Thank you for playing, please let me know any feed back in the comments.

It looks like the sound is not working correctly, I'll look to update this ASAP.


Music by Ben Sound 

This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam week 82, Theme - TV.


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Somewhat reminds me of BlazeRush. I'm not sure if consealing how your actions influence the poll is the best idea.

Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it. I understand where you are coming from, I originally did have a plan to show you when you are influencing the audience, but the game had quite a large scope so did not have time to add this in. Thanks for playing